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Update on Monday, 5 July 2021: Dr. Fares Al-Shargie becomes Track Chairperson of SISP@ElectriTek 2022.
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# Paper ID Title Abstract Congress Claim
1 39.Cnf-1183 Investigation of the possibility of using Single-Electron Transistors in Digital-to-Time Converters Single-Electron-Transistor (SET) features are exploited to improve the performance and the area of digital-to-time domain analog converters. There are two DTCs proposed in this research, DTC1 and DTC2, which have 4 and 8 transistors less compared with previous research, respectively. In the beginning, DTC1 and DTC2, are designed and simulated using CMOS transistors. Afterwards, the area, the power consumption and the delay parameters are discussed. In the rest, the mentioned DTCs are designed and simulated using SET instead of CMOS. Although power consumption and area were extremely reduced, it is shown that the delay parameter had an unacceptable increase. Finally, to overcome delay issue, combination of SET and CMOS was exploited to design and simulate DTCs. The simulations’ results have shown improvement in delay parameter; especially it is found that Hybrid-DTC2 has the best performance in comparison with all designs. GC-ElecEng 2021 Claim
2 43.Cnf-1181 K-means clustering of Alae Nasi and Diaphragmatic muscles activation timing as an indicator to inspiratory effort level: A proof of concept. The objective of this paper is to develop a non- invasive robust indicator to the inspiratory effort of a patient under mechanical ventilation. This indicator leads to the inspiratory effort detection as well as to the estimation of its level more reliably and earlier than the classical systems based on flow signal thresholding. Hence, the present work analyses the capability of inspiratory effort level estimation by the observation of the synchronization of the Alae Nasi and the diaphragmatic muscles activations. First, an experimental protocol is suggested to simulate the patient-ventilator coupling. Then, the evolution of muscular activation timing -versus the inspiratory effort level- is studied on acquired EMG and flow signals. Finally, a multidimensional clustering approach is applied in order to separate timing features into classes indicating the different effort levels. GC-ElecEng 2021 Claim
3 39.Cnf-1182 High overtone acoustic modes generated by interdigital transducers in c-tilted ZnO/Si resonator for timing applications In this paper, the frequency characteristics of high overtone bulk acoustic modes, generated by interdigital transducers IDT’s on c-tilted ZnO/Si, are theoretically and experimentally investigated. The origin and characteristics of high overtone acoustic modes in ZnO piezoelectric layer on silicon substrate are discussed, and one port HBAR resonator based on (0°, θ°, 90°) c-axis tilted ZnO/Si, θ is the inclination angle, is fabricated and tested by network analyzer. The results achieved in this work are of interest in design and fabrication of radiofrequency sources and electronic timing devices based on thin film technology. GC-ElecEng 2021 Claim