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Update on Friday, 23 June 2017: User Contact Messages back working. If you have something to send us, please use this form.
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The Users area provides pages and functions to both facilitate and highlight the technical activities of Mosharaka users. Supported by search and contact functions, interaction among users in various ways, e.g., forums, mailing lists, and so on, constitutes an important type of pages and functions that are provided by the Users area.
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New Mosharaka Users
1st 12 Newest Users
2nd 12 Newest Users
Remaining 6 Newest Users
#Title and NameCountryJoining Date
1 Dr. Saman Shojae Chaeikar23 October 2017
2 Dr. Saud Althunibat22 October 2017
3 Mr. Wasfi Al RawabdehUK22 October 2017
4 Mr. A. H. Monadjemi20 October 2017
5 Mr. A. Vafaei20 October 2017
6 Prof. Saurabh MittalIndia19 October 2017
7 Dr. Md Shahnawaz HussainIndia20 October 2017
8 Dr. Ghadah AldabbaghUSA-MA18 October 2017
9 Dr. Sreedhar TirunagariIndia18 October 2017
10 Prof. Toufik RekiouaAlgeria17 October 2017
11 Mr. Nabil TaibAlgeria17 October 2017
12 Dr. Kumar ChunduriOman16 October 2017
#Title and NameCountryJoining Date
13 Dr. Ferkan YilmazTurkey13 October 2017
14 Mr. Behrad Mahboobi12 October 2017
15 Dr. Filipe Cabral PintoPortugal10 October 2017
16 Prof. Mohammad HamedJordan9 October 2017
17 Mr. Abdelkader ShaabanAustria9 October 2017
18 Prof. Manish VermaIndia9 October 2017
19 Mr. M. Yahya8 October 2017
20 Mr. M. Esa8 October 2017
21 Mr. Z. Awang8 October 2017
22 Mr. S. S. Sohaimi8 October 2017
23 Dr. Raghu Raman VenkatramanOman7 October 2017
24 Dr. Dusica MalinicSerbia7 October 2017
#Title and NameCountryJoining Date
25 Dr. Robiatun A. Awang5 October 2017
26 Dr. Mohamad H. Jusoh5 October 2017
27 Mrs. Noor H. Baba5 October 2017
28 Dr. Zuhani I. Khan4 October 2017
29 Mr. J. Sulaiman4 October 2017
30 Mr. M. H. HamidMalaysia4 October 2017
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