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Update on Friday, 12 May 2017: The 1st International Conference on Nuclear Engineering and Applications (MIC-Nuclear 2018) will be held at Days Inn-Amman Hotel, in Amman, Jordan in the period 7-9 December 2018, as part of the December 2018 Mosharaka International Technology Congress.
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#Title and NameCountryJoining Date
1 Prof. Ali Kashif BashirDenmark23 November 2017
2 Prof. Shrikant GunjalIndia22 November 2017
3 Mr. Behrouz JedariChina23 November 2017
4 Dr. Josu BilbaoSpain22 November 2017
5 Dr. Daphne Economou21 November 2017
6 Mr. Michael Kenteris21 November 2017
7 Dr. Shavan AskarIraq20 November 2017
8 Dr. Anand NayyarIndia16 November 2017
9 Dr. Habtamu AbieNorway14 November 2017
10 Dr. Mona NasrEgypt13 November 2017
11 Dr. Seyed Mohammad Hossein NabaviAustralia13 November 2017
12 Dr. Hamada Al ShaerUK12 November 2017
#Title and NameCountryJoining Date
13 Dr. Salam Al ZaidiIraq10 November 2017
14 Dr. Vinod SharmaIndia10 November 2017
15 Prof. Ahmed AlnuaimiIraq9 November 2017
16 Dr. Main AlolayyanUAE9 November 2017
17 Mr. O. MaskonMalaysia8 November 2017
18 Mr. M. A. Mohd AliMalaysia8 November 2017
19 Dr. Afaf AlnadafJordan8 November 2017
20 Dr. Atif MansoorAustralia6 November 2017
21 Dr. Kennedy Chinedu OkaforNigeria2 November 2017
22 Prof. Angelica BaylonPhilippines2 November 2017
23 Dr. Emad I. M. KhaterEgypt2 November 2017
24 Prof. Luis FerreiraPortugal2 November 2017
#Title and NameCountryJoining Date
25 Dr. Kaveh HaratianIran30 October 2017
26 Mr. Ifteder U. Mahmud30 October 2017
27 Mr. Bazlur Rahman30 October 2017
28 Mr. Obaidul Hoque30 October 2017
29 Prof. Mona HettaEgypt29 October 2017
30 Prof. Salah Ud-Din KhanSaudi Arabia29 October 2017
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