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Main User Information of Dr. Luis Miguel Soria Morillo
Name Dr. Luis Miguel Soria Morillo
Affiliation Universidad de Sevilla, ,
Biography I'm an associated professor of the University of Sevilla, member of the IDINFOR group led by Prof. Juan Antonio Ortega. This group devotes special attention to research, development and innovation on ubiquitous computing. My research lines comprise are: * Development of novel techniques on continuous monitorization of care need people using mobile devices. * Design of travelling prediction sistems oriented to outdoor assistencial needs persons. * Analysis of daily activities using accelerometry signals from the mobile phone of the tested person. * Design of context based development architectures on last generation mobile devices. * Recopilation and treatment of real time information oriented to knowledge of the user context. REFERENCES Luis Miguel Soria Morillo [] IDINFOR [] Selected projects: Public Administracion Funds - Arquitectura para la eficiencia energética y sostenibilidad en entornos residenciales (TIN2009-14378-C02-01 - Investigador) - INTEGR@:Integración de Servicios y Nuevas Tecnologías en el Alojamiento del Cliente dentro de un Espacio Turístico (P033-09/E05 - Investigador) - ATENEA, Arquitectura Middleware y Herramientas. (FIT-340503-2007-1 - Investigador) - Sistema de CUidados UBICuOs y asistencia controlado por familiares y centros médicos para personas con dependencias-CUBICO (P06-TIC-02141 - Contratado) Private Funds - Televisión Interactiva Multiplataforma (TIM). (CTA- TIM.09 - Investigador) - Apoyo al desarrollo de sistemas de información geográfica en Elinco Sistemas (P021-09/E05 - Investigador) - OSAMI-Commons Open Source Infraestructure Ambient Inteligence Commons (P024-08/E05 - Investigador) - INCUBA (P025-09/E05 - Investigador) Patents: - Dilos: Location and Tracking Device Energy-Efficient - Sci: Simple Cluster Interface
User Since Monday, 2 May 2011
User Page Views 189
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