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Papers Published at MIC-MCWC 2012
All 1 Paper
IDAuthors and TitlePages
30.Cnf-163 Dr. Ismael Cuadrado Cordero
Dr. Luis Miguel Soria Morillo
Prof. Juan A. Ortega
Dr. Luis Gonzalez-Abril
Architecture for based-on-context mobile application developing
30.Cnf-163 Paper View Page
Title Architecture for based-on-context mobile application developing
Authors Dr. Ismael Cuadrado Cordero, FIDETIA, Sevilla, Spain
Dr. Luis Miguel Soria Morillo, Universidad de Sevilla, ,
Prof. Juan A. Ortega, Universidad de Sevilla, ,
Dr. Luis Gonzalez-Abril, Universidad de Sevilla, ,
Abstract This paper presents a solution to the management of context based systems in mobile devices, offering to the developer a global and adaptable set of functionalities and interaction methods to generate more easily and secure based-on-context applications. Furthermore, using this middleware will be possible to reduce the energetic consumption of the system; due to all the functionality needed is reused between different applications. For this purpose, has been developed an architecture, which allows the interaction between applications and context providers in a transparent way for users. This infrastructure consists on a layered designed architecture, which mainly layer (Core layer) provides the system a tool for the communication between adjacent layers. On the other hand, this architecture simplifies the development of contextoriented applications, a very important goal due to the rise of this kind of applications in mobile devices environment. For the middleware developing has been used the OSGi technology in mobile phones, which offers many possibilities for both, integration and applications development.
Track MCA: Mobile Computing and Applications
Conference 3rd Mosharaka International Conference on Mobile Computing and Wireless Communications (MIC-MCWC 2012), 15-17 June 2012, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Pages 1-6
Topics Mobile Computing Architectures
Energy Efficient Communications
ISSN 2227-331X
Paper Views 166 Paper Views Rank 83/452
Paper Downloads 108 Paper Downloads Rank 76/452
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