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80 days remaining to submit papers to MIC-Management 2019 in Aqaba, Jordan
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Papers Published at MIC-CPE 2010
All 3 Papers
IDAuthors and TitlePages
15.Cnf-43 Mr. Abdullah Qaroot and Prof. Nihad Dib, Design of Dual-Band Unequal Split Wilkinson Power Divider Using Transmission Line Transformers1-5
15.Cnf-44 Prof. Nihad Dib, Mr. Ayman Sabbah and Prof. Moh’d A. Al-Nimr, Evaluation of SAR and Temperature Elevation in A Multi-Layered Human Head Model Exposed to RF Radiation Using The FDTD Method6-11
15.Cnf-71 Dr. Yousef Qawqzeh, Mr. M. A. Mohd Ali, Dr. Mamun Reaz and Mr. O. Maskon, Photoplethysmogram Peaks Analysis in Patients Presenting with Erectile Dysfunction12-15
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