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CSP Conferences with Published Papers

MIC-CSP 2011, Dubai
6 Papers
Papers Published at MIC-CSP 2011
All 6 Papers
IDAuthors and TitlePages
20.Cnf-9 Dr. Yahia Kourd, Prof. Noureddine Guersi and Prof. Dimitri Lefebvre, A Two Stages Diagnosis Method with Fuzzy Logic and Neuronal Networks1-5
20.Cnf-56 Mr. Brahim Metidji, Mr. Nabil Taib and Prof. Toufik Rekioua, A Simple Robust Method to Reduce Torque Ripple in Induction Motor DTC Drives Using Matrix Converters6-11
20.Cnf-65 Mr. Saifur R. Sabuj, Mr. Anisur Rahman, Mr. Obaidul Hoque, Mr. Bazlur Rahman and Mr. Ifteder U. Mahmud, Design of Automatic Power Transfer and Load Dump Controller12-19
20.Cnf-66 Ms. Uzma Siddique, Mr. Laeeq Ahmed and Prof. Habibullah Jamal, Performance Analysis of 2D Pilot-Assisted Channel Estimation for OFDM Communication Systems20-24
20.Cnf-67 Ms. Uzma Siddique, Mr. Laeeq Ahmed and Prof. Habibullah Jamal, Scattered Spectrum Sensing (SSS) in Cognitive Radio Adhoc Networks25-29
20.Cnf-79 Mr. Lotfi Bendaouia, Mr. Fay├žal Ykhlef, Mrs. Wahiba Benzaba, Mr. Oussama Kerdjidj, Mr. Hamid Meraoubi, Prof. Omar Zemirli, Dr. Hassen Daoud, Dr. Si Mahmoud Karabernou, Dr. Lounis Kessal and Dr. Hassen Salhi, Fast DWT Based FPGA Implementation For Medical Application30-35
20.Cnf-66 Paper View Page
Title Performance Analysis of 2D Pilot-Assisted Channel Estimation for OFDM Communication Systems
Authors Ms. Uzma Siddique, University of Engineering and Technology, ,
Mr. Laeeq Ahmed, University of Engineering and Technology, ,
Prof. Habibullah Jamal, University of Engineering and Technology, ,
Abstract Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is a special form of multicarrier modulation (MCM) technique, where a single data stream is transmitted over a number of lower rate subcarriers. OFDM provides high spectral efficiency, robustness in multi path propagation environments and capability to deal with Inter Symbol Interference (ISI). Channel estimation is a critical problem in coherent OFDM systems, and the various estimation techniques with different pilot arrangements have been investigated. A two dimensional pilot assisted channel estimation algorithm for wireless OFDM communication systems using Least Mean Square (LMS) estimation technique is investigated. Algorithm performance in terms of Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) versus Bit Error Rate (BER) for different severe frequency selective fading channels including Rayleigh, Log Normal and Two-Ray Rayleigh fading channel models is evaluated. Performance of actual and estimated channel coefficient envelops under different Signal to Noise Ratio is also computed. The results show that algorithm performs better especially with high SNR value.
Track CSA: Communication Systems and Applications
Conference 1st International Conference on Communications and Signal Processing (MIC-CSP 2011), 2-4 April 2011, Dubai, UAE
Pages 20-24
Topics Communication Channels
Communication System Performance Analysis
ISSN 2227-331X
Paper Views 197 Paper Views Rank 36/452
Paper Downloads 127 Paper Downloads Rank 39/452
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