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1 100.Cnf-1129 Whispering Gallery Modes Dielectric Resonator for Determining the Complex Permittivity of Ice in Ka-Waveband A resonance method for determining the complex permittivity of ice in Ka-waveband by fabricating a whispering gallery mode dielectric resonator from the studied material is proposed. It's shown that the experimentally obtained electromagnetic characteristics of the resonators made by freezing various types allow calculating the real and imaginary parts of the complex permittivity. The dielectric characteristics of ice from different types of water are represented. GMC-ElecEng 2020 Claim
2 46.Cnf-1086 SUCCESSION PLANNING PRACTICES AND ITS EFFECT ON EMPLOYEES RETENTION A COMPARATIVE STUDY (The Case of Almeda Textile Factory and MAA Garment and Textiles Factory) ABSTRACT The objective of the study was to assess succession planning practices and its effect on employee’s retention intention the case of Almeda Textile Factory and MAA Garment and Textiles Factory. The study adopted both descriptive and explanatory design. Primary data was obtained using five-point Llikert scale questionnaire and semi structured interview. From the two purposely selected factories, 377 sample employees were determined and these were selected based on stratified sampling technique. Data was then analyzed using descriptive statistics (frequency, percentage table and chart) and inferential statistics (ordinal logistic regressions model) to identify the effect of succession planning practices on employee’s retention intention. The study found that both factories employees have no good understanding or perception regarding succession planning practice and its value. This study confirmed that in both factories there is no clear and well known linkage between succession planning and factories strategy. In addition, the marginal effect revealed that variables like human resource planning, talent management, career development; performance management, training and development, management involvement, reward management, and experience were positively associated with the intention of employee’s retention. Moreover, MAA Garment and Textiles Factory have higher probability of retention intention than Almeda Textile Factory employees’ by 10.77 %. Besides, MAA Garment and Textiles Factory employees’ have lower probability of turnover than those of Almeda Textile Factory by 12.49 %. Based on the findings, the factories have moderate succession planning practices which is not appreciable, extensive and also management involvement (dy/dx=52.67%, P<0.05), talent management (dy/dx=39.25%, P<0.05), performance management (dy/dx=26.99%, P<0.05), and human resource planning (dy/dx=24.78, P<0.05), have strong effect on employee’s retention intention. Therefore, awa GMC-EcoMan 2020 Claim
3 47.Cnf-1034 Improved design of nano composites through parameter leveraging Composites have been used for many applications seeing use in the Construction, Automotive and Aerospace Industries. The emergence of nano-materials has permitted design of new materials like nano composites. These have interfaces at molecular length scales and large interaction areas. In particular, the area to volume ratio is high which permits the tuning of volume fraction of secondary components without loss of desired properties. New areas of design can use chemical and phase chemistry along with electrical electronic and mechanical properties. The effect of secondary contributions on the design of fracture resistant nano composites is outlined. EngiTek 2020 Claim
4 51.Cnf-1128 New method testing for the control of an unmanned air vehicle (UAV) Due to their strong abilities and easy usage, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs) commonly named as drones have found a place and merged in different industrial sector. These varieties of application encourage researchers to search for new control algorithms that make drones operate smoothly. In this regards, the present study mains to design a PID controller for four motors drones (quadricopter). For this purpose, a state space representation of the drone is proposed based on Newton Euler's formularies for rigid body. For better performance of the control algorithm (PID) the parameters Kp, Ki and Kd for the controller are established using an optimization search schema based on genetic algorithm. Various simulations were performed to test the proposed idea EngiTek 2020 Claim
5 85.Cnf-1120 DIAGNOSIS OF THE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM IN CIUDAD JUAREZ AS INTELLIGENT CITY AND ITS ALTERNATIVES FOR A SUSTAINABLE URBAN MOBILITY This document carries out a review of concepts in the literature, addressing the theme of smart cities and tourist destinations. In addition, an investigation was conducted with quantitative information of descriptive scope where a diagnosis of the public transport system of Ciudad Juárez is presented taking as variables the quality of the service, degree of satisfaction of the trip and security in the service. Once the data is obtained, it is concluded that the modernization of the massive public transport system is necessary and that users seek new alternatives in mobile applications to satisfy their mobility needs during their stay in the city. GMC-Technology 2020 Claim
6 47.Cnf-1121 Simulation stochastic model of the spatial distribution of epidemics (for example influenza) using cellular automaton This paper presents the development of stochastic compartment model for the predictive assessment of the spatial spread of epidemic diseases (for example influenza) using cellular automaton. Cellular automata (CA) are discrete dynamical systems whose behavior can be completely described in terms of local dependency. Cellular automata are systems consisting of discrete cells. The cells may be arranged on a straight one-dimensional or multi-dimensional space. Each cell has a predetermined number of "neighbors", defined by the statement of the problem. EngiTek 2020 Claim
7 58.Cnf-1127 ROOFTOP GARDEN IN AMMAN RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS- SUSTAINABILITY AND UTILIZATION Adopting green roof systems in residential building sectors all over the world and in particular in Arab region becoming a necessity because of the current environmental, social, and economical challenges. Some of these countries have already developed green building rating systems and recognized the importance of green roofs, however, they still do not fully benefit from it. Although green top roof gardens are a longstanding practice in developed countries, in Amman are still individual trials that are not govern by policies and common design practices and receive poor recognition from policymakers, researchers, and even practitioners. The purpose of the research is to contribute to a better understanding of the potential role of green roof systems in effective sustainable planning, and to recommend indicators for the utilization of roof top gardens in Amman, the capital city of Jordan. These indicators derived from the principles of sustainability: social, environmental, and economic, taking into account the local climate, site and building characteristics. The indicators are assumed to help designers to adopt green roofs in their environmental policies. Descriptive analytical methodology, qualitative survey, data collecting and analysis approaches are used to achieve the goals of the study. In order to identify the indicators, the researchers carried out a holistic literature review of relevant studies and practices in many countries, and then conducted a systematic analysis for the collected data and methodologies. After then, proposed indicators related to economic, social and environmental benefits of roof top garden systems in Amman. The research outcome demonstrates the possible applications of the driven indicators as a guideline for the utilization of sustainable roof gardens in Amman City of Jordan, taking into account the national and local context, for the benefits of individuals and community. EngiTek 2020 Claim
8 51.Cnf-1114 Enhancing the Drying Process of Coated Abrasives An Abrasives facility manufactures abrasive paper with a process that involves blending the paper product with various grades of abrasive ceramic using liquid adhesives. The purpose of this investigation is to investigate and develop a method of increasing the production rate of the adhesive paper through an increase in efficiency of the dryer. The project will incorporate a staged methodology to ensure that any proposed modifications to the plant provide real and tangible benefits. This paper details the findings of the first two stages of the project. Whilst a number of changes can be implemented to improve the process, the effect of the airflow within the duct system is considered to be a core issue affecting performance and a particular focus of the next stage of the investigation. EngiTek 2020 Claim
9 47.Cnf-1115 Accounting for parameters non-identities of structural elements of PAA of Ka-band The technique is proposed for creating a matrix of control signals with elements of phased antenna array of Ka-band with discrete semiconductor and analog ferrite phase shifters. During its creation, parameters of phase shifters are not identical and are taken into account in the process of their manufacture, as well as under external conditions, including temperature. Dielectric properties of used materials are also taken into account when using radio transp arent shelters or fairings. The results of experimental studies using proposed technique are given by the example of 9-element linear phased antenna array. It is shown that proposed technique of creating a matrix of control signals allows one to exclude the effect of lack of identicalness of phase characteristics of all its elements in the channels on the parameters of ra diation pattern. In addition, scanning process eliminates the need to use computing devices. All necessary information is stored in the memory of the control unit. EngiTek 2020 Claim
10 39.Cnf-1106 Triple Feed Triangular Microstrip Antenna for Polarization Diversity A triangular microstrip patch antenna fed with three microstrip feeds is designed on an equilateral substrate to produce different polarization states. Quarter wavelength transformers are utilized for better impedance matching. The proposed antenna can provide a linear polarization state with wide bandwidth and right and left-hand circular polarization with acceptable axial ratio bandwidth through activating one feed at a time. Other states can be obtained with different phase shifts by involving two or more active feeds. No diodes and hence no DC or AC biasing circuits are used in this design. Various aspects of the antenna have been analyzed such as reflection coefficient S11, ports isolation, axial ratio, far-field E and H pattern and gain are investigated and optimized through several parametric studies of the antenna variables GMC-NetCom 2020 Claim
11 39.Cnf-1101 Complex Magnetic and Electric Dipolar Resonances of Subwavelength GaAs Prolate Spheroids In this work we investigate the complex magnetic and electric dipolar resonances of a subwavelength gallium arsenide (GaAs) prolate spheroid. We employ a formulation based on spheroidal vector wave functions (VWFs) for the expansion of the electromagnetic fields in the interior and exterior of the spheroid. Satisfying the boundary conditions at the spheroidal surface, we finally obtain a linear system of equations. The resonance wavelengths are obtained by setting the system's determinant equal to zero and utilizing an efficient root-finding algorithm. Comparisons with HFSS commercial software are performed, and numerical results are given for different aspect ratio nanospheroids. GMC-NetCom 2020 Claim
12 39.Cnf-1098 Analytical modeling of dispersion penalty for NRZ transmission In this work we present an analytical model that can be used to evaluate the dispersion effects and subsequent penalty for NRZ pulse transmission through a given length of fiber taking into account the finite bandwidth of a direct detection receiver. This is done by using a pulse shape that is similar to the shape of NRZ pulses but that its propagation through single mode fibers can be solved analytically. The model is evaluated by using numerical simulations to obtain values of the dispersion penalty for NRZ pulses, showing very good agreement. GMC-NetCom 2020 Claim
13 102.Cnf-1096 Resistance Switching in Chalcogenides Memory Cell Ag/Ag-Ge-S structures Memeristive based memory is explored to be the future memory cell devices that can replace the identical MOS memory and to overcome the major problems of these memory devices. Nonvolatile (NV) memory cell can be fabricated depending on the phenomena of phase change memory (PCM) of chalcogenide materials. In this research an Ag-Ge-S/Ag structure memory cell was fabricated as a nonvolatile memory cell using vacuum thermal evaporation technique. The properties of these memory chalcogenides materials has been modified by controlling the evaporation parameters such as pressure, thickness and temperature or other external parameters, namely the applied voltage polarity. It is found the on state resistance of about 18 KΩ and an off state resistance of about 18.1011 Ω. The cell has very small write current of about (45 pA) which shows a great promise for using as extremely low power. GMC-ElecEng 2020 Claim
14 52.Cnf-1117 Streamline development of propellent-free topical pharmaceutical foam: Efficient quality by design strategy of a potential sunscreen foam Catching up with a recent interest in developing green pharmaceutical products, a key challenge is encountering formulation scientists to find proper ingredients, approach or dispensing tools in a reasonable time due to manufacturing variability. Therefore, this work is established to produce green propellent-free topical pharmaceutical preparation and thus environmentally friendly, through utilization of the concept of quality by design (QbD) to eliminate or reduce the source of variability. A foam dosage form with ingredients suitable for potential sunscreen application was developed. Formulation ingredients were based on local Jordanian virgin olive oil. Twenty formulae were screened under the theme of QbD. One formulation successfully combined in relatively stable water in oil emulsion, whereby foam generation was achieved through specialized dispensing tool. Textural characteristics were evaluated by human panel (30) and found favourably acceptable for this formulation. Physicochemical characteristics of the investigated and optimized formulae were confirmed through light microscopy, viscosity and spectrophotochemical measurements. Sun protection factor (SPF) was determined as 12.1±0.6 (n=3); indicating potential sunscreen applications for almost two hours in the daytime. Critical quality attributes were determined throughout the development process and risk assessment measurements were estimated thereof. Such an outcome that will help to create preliminary predictive model for scalable industrial screening production of this green pharmaceutical topical preparation with local sourcing of generally regarded safe materials (GRAS). EngiTek 2020 Claim
15 47.Cnf-1122 A Miniaturized Ultra-Wideband Wilkinson Power Divider Using Non-Uniform Coplanar Waveguide In this paper, the design of an ultra-wideband Wilkinson power divider (WPD) using non-uniform coplanar waveguide (CPW) is introduced. The main idea is to replace the conventional CPW by non-uniform one that achieves the ultra-wideband operation. To generate the non-uniform design, the even and the odd mode circuits are analyzed and the Fourier series expansion is embedded in an optimization process. Then, three resistors are incorporated to improve the output ports isolation over the entire band. A Full-wave simulation is performed using HFSS. The new divider has a compact size, enhanced bandwidth (0.2 GHz-14 GHz), and isolation better than –10 dB. EngiTek 2020 Claim
16 51.Cnf-1123 Circular Supply Chains: A Comparative Analysis of Structure and Practices This paper presents a comparative analysis of the structure and practices of Circular Supply Chains (CSC) across multiple industries. This concept has recently evolved from basic reverse logistics practices to become a comprehensive approach for reserving resources and attaining sustainability across the supply chain. It emphasizes the value of backward flow of material and information within the different elements of the supply chain. Common practices include recycling, returning, reusing, and recovery. Such practices are increasingly used in different industries to reduce waste, conserve scarce resources, and improve the overall supply chain efficiency. The paper explores and compares the CSC practices in the supply chains of three industries: furniture, aluminum, and farming. It presents the SIPOC structure of the targeted supply chains, identifies the CSC practices within the entities of each supply chain, and links these practices to specific performance measures (financial, operational, and environmental). Finally, the paper presents a comparative analysis of CSC practices across the supply chains of the targeted industries. This contributes to existing CSC literature and establishes a framework to integrate CSC practices within supply chains. EngiTek 2020 Claim
17 47.Cnf-1112 Root-Locus Stability Analysis of the Wide-Band Finite-Difference Time-Domain Simulation of Graphene Nano-material In this paper, the root-locus method is used for studying the stability of the wide-band finite difference time domain (FDTD) implementation of graphene nano-material. It is shown that stability of the given implementation retains the standard Courant-Friedrichs-Lewy (CFL) stability constraint. The formulation is validated by numerical test that investigates the existence of the surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) waves created at the interface between the graphene sheet and a dielectric material. EngiTek 2020 Claim
18 47.Cnf-1124 Multi Variant Effects on the Design of a Microwave Absorber and Performance of an Anechoic Chamber A microwave absorber for an anechoic chamber operating at RF ranges has been designed to study the effects of each variable on the reflection coefficient S11. The observed variables are the absorber shape, the effect of full and partial coating, pyramidal height and base size, number of pyramids, excitation source location, the thickness of the underneath perfect electric conductor (PEC) layer and the electrical properties of the absorber coating. The proposed electromagnetic absorbers are investigated using the high-frequency structure simulator (HFSS). The simulated reflection coefficient S11 result for each effect is plotted and it's average over the entire band is calculated. The RF range from 1 – 6.5 GHz is considered to achieve better return loss (RL = |S11|) ≥ 10 dB. The achieved average S11 is -26.86 dB. These absorbers are a necessity in conducting experiments related to antennas to measure their characteristics especially the radiation pattern and gain. EngiTek 2020 Claim
19 47.Cnf-1113 Resonant Type Tool for Measuring the Solid Dielectrics with a Wide Dielectric Constant Interval and Extra Small Losses in X-band An opportunity of the creation of a single resonant type tool for researching dielectric materials with wide interval of dielectric constant and ultra-low loss in X-band is shown. The choice of operating mode and forms of the studied dielectric samples is determined. EngiTek 2020 Claim