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Mosharaka for Research and Studies

Update on Monday, 25 May 2015: The paper submission deadline of MIC-Wireless 2015 in Barcelona, Spain (submit papers here) has been extended to Sunday, 7 June 2015. Kindly note that all presented papers of Mosharaka International Conferences (both past and forthcoming) have been approved for inclusion in Google Scholar. Kindly note also that all future Mosharaka International Conferences, including MIC-Wireless, are being considered for indexing by both Scopus and Compendex.
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Mosharaka for Research and Studies is an ambitious young non-profit international technical organization. Mosharaka's main scope of operation is the organization of high-profile technical conferences and scientific meetings. Our initial focus was mainly on telecommunication- and computing-related fields. Recently, Mosharaka has started several conference series in electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, among other engineering and technology fields.

Mosharaka has just started getting involved in international joint research projects. Additionally, Mosharaka is involved in well-established training programs, that are aimed at increasing technical awareness among young professionals in a wide scope of fields.

Mosharaka becomes an internationally recognized world-wide scientific community, and an active supplier of advanced technical material to researchers everywhere.
Mosharaka's mission is to make scientific research a more established means for civilization.
  • Taking the quality of conference publications to new heights
  • Making research attractive to young researchers
  • Making conference participation more affordable and more enjoyable
  • Improving methods and metrics of paper reviewing
  • Making volunteer conference activities more technically rewarding
  • Creating scientific collaboration opportuities for researchers in need of them
Conferences Chairperson
Dr. Mohammad Banat
Conferences Organizer
Mr. Jaser K. Mahasneh

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