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Papers Published at MIC-CCA 2009
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10.Cnf-82 Paper View Page
Title A comprehensive study of effective parameters in TDRSS capacity
Authors Mr. Rabi W. Yousif, Curtin University of Technology, Miri, Malaysia
Dr. Hojat Allah Rohi, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran
Abstract The Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS), as a means of providing great advantages to satellite communication, has appealed many researchers’ interests. It uses spread spectrum technique for communication in its multiple access links. In this paper, we study the various parameters that may affect the capacity of TDRSS. The influence of code design and power control on the capacity of such system is measured. Moreover, a novel multi-user detection technique is proposed which is based on the observation of a 2-symbol-wide time period. The performance of the proposed scheme against viterbi algorithm for mobile nodes has been explored via simulation. Simulation results show effectiveness of the viterbi algorithm as well as the proposed algorithm.
Track CCAT: Communications and Computer Applications and Technologies
Conference 3rd Mosharaka International Conference on Communications, Computers and Applications (MIC-CCA 2009)
Congress 2009 Global Congress on Communications, Computers and Applications (GC-CCA 2009), 26-28 October 2009, Amman, Jordan
Pages --1
Topics Power Management in Communications
Spread Spectrum Communications
Satellite Communications
ISSN 2227-331X
Paper Views 872 Paper Views Rank 31/527
Paper Downloads 418 Paper Downloads Rank 29/527
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