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5-7 June 2020, Istanbul, Turkey

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The Projects area provides pages and functions to browse and search existing Mosharaka projects and project proposals, as well as to propose new projects. It also provides pages and functions that are dedicated to project partners, including ones for downloading documents, project news and updates, in addition to partner messaging services.
Mosharaka aims to enhance scientific research and university education. Mosharaka beleives that its involvement in international collaboration projects can help greatly in achieving this goal. Mosharaka is mostly interested in projects that help in funding mobility, study and research of master and doctoral students.
Project partnerships with the industry are vital, and Mosharaka welcomes proposals for serious and rich collaborations with the industry. Through such collaborations, Mosharaka also seeks to bridge the gap between academia and industry, and to establish long-lasting tri-lateral initiatives involving Mosharala, academia, and the industries.
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Wednesday, 19 April 2017 EMORI proposal will be prepared under Topic A.1.2 of Thematic Objective A.1 Business and SMEs development. Submission will be to the First Call for Standard Projects of the ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme. The topic aims to strengthen and support euro-Mediterranean networks, clusters, consortia and value-chains in traditional sectors (agro-food, tourism, textile/clothing, etc.) and non-traditional sectors (innovative ideas solutions for urban development, eco-housing, sustainable water-related and other clean technologies, renewable energy, creative industries, etc.). 0