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207 days remaining to submit papers to MIC-Chemistry 2020 in Amman, Jordan
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Summary Information of Prof. Amjad Al-Nasser
Name Prof. Amjad Al-Nasser
Affiliation Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan
Topics Regression Analysis
Distribution Theory
Biography Prof. Amjad Al Nasser was a vice dean of research and graduate studies at Yarmouk University. Before that, he was Director of the Quality Assurance and Institutional Effectiveness Center at Al Falah University, Dubai. Also, he was the Assistant Dean for Quality, Chair for Department of Statistics at Yarmouk University, and Chair for Department of Economics and Statistics and Chair for UD Research Center and Consultancy at Dubai University. He was also appointed as a consultant to develop Statistical Software for measuring the Malaysian Customer Satisfaction Index and Quality and Productivity Measurement and Improvement in 2001. Prof. Al Nasser has been an academic since 2001. He began his teaching career as a Lecturer and is now a full time Professor since 2015. He is the founding editor of the electronic Journal of applied statistical analysis (EJASA) indexed by Scopus and listed in the emerging source citation index
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