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400 days remaining to submit papers to MIC-Statistics 2023 in Irbid, Jordan
1st Mosharaka International Conference on Electromagnetics, Microwaves, Antennas and Propagation (MIC-Electromag 2021)
10-12 December 2021 (Remotely), Valencia, Spain
MIC-Electromag 2021 is technically co-sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Papers will appear in IEEE Xplore.
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MIC-Electromag 2021
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Welcome to MIC-Electromag 2021
Welcome to the 1st Mosharaka International Conference on Electromagnetics, Microwaves, Antennas and Propagation (MIC-Electromag 2021). This event is intended to represent a major forum for researchers, professionals and students from all over the world to meet remotely to present their latest research results and to exchange new ideas and practical experiences.


MIC-Electromag 2021 main scope includes, but is not limited to the following areas: Basics of Electromagnetics; Antennas and Wave Propagation; Microwave Engineering and Microwave Electronics; Computational Electromagnetics; Electromagnetic Compatibility;

MIC-Electromag 2021 is planned to feature special sessions, keynote talks and tutorial sessions by leading experts, paper presentations, poster shows, demo shows, discussion panels, as well as other interesting technical activities.


Spain has recently become the second most visited country in the world; mainly because of fabulous beaches, the culture, history and ancient buildings, which can be visited, and because of its marvelous weather along the year. The quality of the services presented to the tourists is very high, which makes visitors being very comfortable during their stay in the country.


Valencia is the third city of Spain with most population. It is the capital of the Valencia Community region. It was created in 138 b. C. Its large history, its new constructions in the area of the City of Arts and Sciences and its placement in the Mediterranean Sea, with large beautiful beaches, make it unique. The culture brings the tourists to one of the most wonderful places of Spain. Moreover, the Valencian gastronomy is well known all around the world (Valencian Paella, Horchata, etc.).

MIC-Electromag 2021 Tracks

Basics of Electromagnetics
Antennas and Wave Propagation
Microwave Engineering and Microwave Electronics
Computational Electromagnetics
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Why Take Part in MIC-Electromag 2021?
MIC-Electromag 2021 Dates
MIC-Electromag 2021 Author Kit
MIC-Electromag 2021 Submissions
GC-ElecEng 2021 Visits: 54587||MIC-Electromag 2021 Visits: 4245