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Update on Tuesday, 7 July 2020: Dr. Manuel Alcazar-Ortega becomes Track Chairperson of EPS@MIC-Power 2020.
2011 Global Mosharaka Congress on Communications, Networking and Information Technology (GMC-CNIT 2011)
16-18 December 2011, Dubai, UAE
5th Mosharaka International Conference on Communications, Networking and Information Technology (MIC-CNIT 2011)
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Welcome to GMC-CNIT 2011
Welcome to the 2011 Global Mosharaka Congress on Communications, Networking and Information Technology (GMC-CNIT 2011). This event is intended to represent a major forum for researchers, professionals and students from all over the world to meet in the beautiful and culturally rich city of Dubai in UAE to present their latest research results and to exchange new ideas and practical experiences.

GMC-CNIT 2011 is planned to feature special sessions, keynote talks and tutorial sessions by leading experts, paper presentations, poster shows, demo shows, discussion panels, as well as other interesting technical activities.

GMC-CNIT 2011 Conferences

Why Take Part in GMC-CNIT 2011?
* Enjoy attending GMC-CNIT 2011 at Hotel Ibis Deira City Centre, in Dubai, UAE.
* Enjoy moderate registration fees, and register up to two papers for the same registration fee. Students receive substantial registration discounts.
* Have the possiblity to extend and publish your conference papers with some of the top journal publishers.
* Only full paper submissions are allowed at all our conferences. No summary or abstract submissions are allowed. Conference topic coverage includes the most current and exciting fields of knowledge and research.
* Papers can be accepted to our conferences only after rigorous peer reviewing.
* Our outstanding reviewing process is facilitated by careful selection of technical program committee members from among the best international experts. Each submitted paper is subject to no less than two peer reviews before it can be considered for acceptance.
* Published papers of GMC-CNIT 2011 are indexed by Google Scholar. More indexing is on the way.
* At each conference, and based on paper review scores, the paper with the highest scores receives the Best Paper Award. This is an award to which only presented papers are eligible. The best paper award is usually delivered to the presenter of the winning paper at the main conference dinner.
GMC-CNIT 2011 Dates
GMC-CNIT 2011 Days Friday - Sunday: 16-18 December 2011
Event Proposal Submission Deadline
(Keynotes, Tutorials, Special Sessions, etc.)
Wednesday, 9 November 2011
Full Paper Submission Deadline - Extended Wednesday, 9 November 2011
Author Notifications Wednesday, 23 November 2011
Final Paper Submissions Deadline Saturday, 3 December 2011
Registration Deadline Saturday, 3 December 2011
Registration Cancellation Deadline Friday, 9 December 2011
GMC-CNIT 2011 Submissions

MIC-CNIT 2011 Paper Submissions Closed MIC-CNIT 2011 Poster Submissions Closed

GMC-CNIT 2011 Event Submissions Closed
Are you preparing a paper, a poster, or an event (keynote, tutorial, etc.) to submit to GMC-CNIT 2011?
If so, please help the organizing committee make good predictions about the potential size of GMC-CNIT 2011 participation. To do so, please indicate your plan to submit a contribution by clicking here. This does not imply any commitment on your side. Kindly note that clicking the above link does not involve submission of any contribution.
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MIC-CNIT 2011 Tracks
Welcome to the 5th Mosharaka International Conference on Communications, Networking and Information Technology (MIC-CNIT 2011). This is a member conference of the 2011 Global Mosharaka Congress on Communications, Networking and Information Technology (GMC-CNIT 2011).
The scope of MIC-CNIT 2011 is organized into the following conference tracks:
Communication and Information Technology
Digital Communication Systems
Multimedia Communications
Communications and Computer Networks
Vehicular Communication Systems
Online Learning and Education
Consumer Communications and Electronics
Mesh, Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
Cognitive Radio Communications
Ultra-Wideband Communications
Clicking any of the above tracks links reveals links to view track topics and track committee, and links to submit contributions.
MIC-CNIT 2011 Chairs
MIC-CNIT 2011 Technical Program Committee (TPC)

MIC-CNIT 2011 TPC Members

Dr. Rafe K. Alasem College of Telecom & Information Saudi Arabia
Dr. Bjørn Olav Hogstad University of Navarra Spain
Dr. Sateesh Kumar Peddoju Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee India
MIC-CNIT 2011 Statistics

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