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Summary Information of Dr. Said Abushamleh
Name Dr. Said Abushamleh
Affiliation University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Little Rcok, AR, USA
Biography Said Abushamleh obtained his B.Sc. degree with honors in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Hashemite University – Jordan. His M.Sc. degree is in wireless communication from Lund Institute of Technology (LTH), Lund University, Sweden. He conducted his research with the electromagnetic group at Lund University – Sweden where he worked on his master thesis ‘‘Verification of Impedance Relations for Antennas Using Experiment and Theory’’ under the supervision of Dr. Mats Gustafsson. Said Abushamleh has joined the antenna and wireless research group led by Professor Hussain Al-Rizzo at UALR since August 2010. His main research interests are in microstrip patch antennas, metamaterials, back radiation and mutual coupling reduction in microstrip patch antennas using planar soft/hard surfaces. He works under the supervision of Professor Hussain Al-Rizzo. Said Abushamleh was a teaching assistant at the Applied Science University – Jordan during the year 2007. Currently he is a teaching assistant in the systems engineering department at UALR. Said Abushamleh was granted ‘‘Erasmus Mundus JOSYLEEN’’ scholarship during his master degree and a teaching assistantship from UALR for his PhD.
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