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Summary Information of Prof. Ihsan Lami
Name Prof. Ihsan Lami
Affiliation University of Buckingham,
Biography Dr Ihsan Lami has over 25 years experience in both industry and academia. He has been involved in the research, development and leadership of many successful chip designs for mobile phone and consumer applications. He has a profound knowledge of wireless technologies such as WCDMA/3G, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. His innovative outlook and focused approach has resulted in many creative products while working for Unisys, Fujitsu, CSR and Tag-McLaren. He has supervised many PhD and MEng projects as well as teaching BEng and HND students at the Universities of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Oxford, Oxford Brookes and now Buckingham. He has proposed, developed and delivered modules that were tailored in conjunction with the computer and microelectronics industry . His current research focus is on the “Hybridisation of GNSS and wireless technologies for LBS and Security” and on “Security and localisation techniques for Wireless Mesh Networks connectivity and communication integrity”. Ihsan is also establishing a research team in Cloud Computing.
User Since Friday, 8 November 2013
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