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164 days remaining to submit papers to MIC-FutureCom 2020 in Porto, Portugal
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Summary Information of Dr. Filipe Cabral Pinto
Name Dr. Filipe Cabral Pinto
Affiliation Altice Labs, Aveiro, Portugal
Topics Mobile Internetworking
Mobile Social Networking
Biography Filipe Cabral Pinto has a PhD from Queen Mary University of London in telecommunications and a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Coimbra. He is currently senior consultant at Altice Labs where he contributes to the IoT strategy definition and architecture design. He is currently involved in setting up an operational management center for Smart Cities. His work has focused on mobile communications systems, from the transport layer to the service layer, focusing in particular on intelligent distribution of multimedia content to user groups in next generation networks. Since 2002 he has been involved in national and European research projects, including NETGATE, Everest, OPIUM, B-BONE, C-MOBILE, C-CAST, Voices, IoT.est, CarCoDe, BESOS and CityAction projects. He is a trainer in the areas of mobile networks, IMS and IoT. He is the author of more than 35 technical articles and inventor of a patent on the radio area. He has made several communications in national and international conferences. He is also author of the novel "Story of a hypochondriac who wanted to put the c of cedilla in the alphabet".
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Published Papers of Dr. Filipe Cabral Pinto
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TrackConferenceDates and Location
Mobile Communication Networks (MCN)MIC-Mobile 20206-8 March 2020 in Athens, Greece
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