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Main User Information of Prof. Ahmed Alnuaimi
Name Prof. Ahmed Alnuaimi
Affiliation University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
Topics eLearning Platforms
CIT Tools for Teaching and Learning
Biography I’m Asst. Prof Dr. Ahmed Sameer Alnuaimi. A researcher, professor, physician (MBChB) and epidemiologist (MSc and PhD) with excellent computer skills (programming and statistical analysis) and experience in the design and analysis of operations research in the health system. Special interest in expanding the role of computers in the medical system, making use of available data to analyze the current health status and support the management of available health resources. Established the first MOODLE based web site for electronic education of medical students in Iraq (currently I’m also the head of IT department in medical college). Over 20 years of experience with national scale studies about health in Iraq and Jordan. I started my career in epidemiology in Jordan in 1994, when I was studying for my MSc degree in epidemiology by working with JAFPP (Jordanian association for family planning and protection) and FHG (family health group) as a research assistant in national research projects sponsored by UNFPA, WHO, USAID, Ford foundation and UNICEF. In recent years I participated in some national projects with USAID and UNFPA as a principal researcher. (a full list is available with the attached CV). I run a private research organization “Top Med Research” (web site: That provides expert advice to graduate medical students, international agencies interested in research work in Iraq and medical professors, with a primary goal of helping them to publish research work in impact factor international journals. Developing new quantitative analysis skills is my passion. The last two years I was a national consultant with UNFPA for the EmONC needs assessment study-Iraq-2014. I participated in the design, supervised data entry and performed the statistical analysis and finally reporting. I’m now contracted as a national consultant with UNICEF for the MNCH-survey, 2017 which follows the MICS methodology
User Since Thursday, 9 November 2017
User Page Views 190
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