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Update on Wednesday, 30 August 2017: The 1st International Conference on Project Design, Operations and Management (MIC-Projects 2018) will be held in Amman, Jordan in the period 6-8 April 2018 as part of the Global Congress on Skills in Education, Research, Projects and Training (GC-Skills 2018).
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Main User Information of Dr. Josu Bilbao
Name Dr. Josu Bilbao
Affiliation IKERLAN, Bilbao, Spain
Topics Internet Security
Internet Appliances
Biography Dr. Josu Bilbao obtained the Telecommunication Engineering degree from the Faculty of Engineering of Bilbao, University of the Basque Country, the M.Sc. degree in Communications and Control from the University of the Basque Country, and obtained the Ph.D degree in Computer Science from the University of Navarra. He is currently a senior researcher and leads the Cybersecure IoT research group at IK4-Ikerlan (+20 researchers and 7 PhD), a private research center leader in technology transference and part of MONDRAGON Corporation (one of the largest Spanish business groups). Dr. Bilbao is responsible for the development of the strategy and implementation of M2M system and architectures for transportation and elevation sectors. He has been the project manager of multiple M2M and IoT products oriented to the monitoring and supervision of control and rescue systems. He has played a leading role in the design and development of embedded systems with customized connectivity interfaces. Dr. Bilbao is member of multiple international technical committees for the evaluation of scientific works and papers (IEEE Trans. on comms., IEEE Comm. Magazine, IMETI, ETFA, IEEE Globecom, JSCI, Smart Grids IoT, etc.), and is the main author of multiple journal and international peer-reviewed papers in the field of reliable communications. Dr. Bilbao received the best paper award at IEEE ISPLC. He plays an active role in different standardization committees (IEEE, HANA, ETG, IETF, etc.), and his current research interests span several fields such as the safety and security areas for the IoT and IIoT, reliable communications, Network Coding, QoS, real-time cyber-physical systems integration in the IoT, Cloud and Fog-based architectures, and 5G among others.
User Since Wednesday, 22 November 2017
User Page Views 78
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