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Conferences Update on Monday, 4 September 2017: The 1st International Conference on Mobile Computing, Networking and Applications (MIC-Mobile 2018) will be held at Days Inn-Amman Hotel, in Amman, Jordan in the period 22-24 June 2018, as part of the Global Congress on Communications and Computing Systems and Applications (GC-CCSA 2018).
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Main User Information of Prof. Ahmed Fawzy Yousef
Name Prof. Ahmed Fawzy Yousef
Affiliation , ,
Topics Accessibility of Research Infrastructures
Research Computing Systems
Biography Dr. Ahmed Yousef has gained wide experience for more than 25 years in various management related, water resources policy, hydrology, hydrogeology, sedimentation, environmental planning, ICZM, disaster risk management of climate change, desertification and agriculture plans, transboundary strategic action programmes, economics and social issues, and documents. He participated in a number of development projects with scientific, governmental, private and international organizations. I gained managerial and technical experiences in water resources management, pollution control, social studies, risk assessment and environmental & social impact assessment for development projects. Dr. Ahmed has been working as a consultant and team leader for a number of development projects sponsored by the World Bank, WFP, Delegation of the European Commission, FOA organization, the African Development Bank, Nile Basin Initiative and United Nation. I have lectured in short courses and workshops and have published more than 55 scientific papers on water quality, environmental & Hydrological issues and management implications. Dr. Ahmed Yousef has extensive experience in water resources polices and dam hydrology, environmental management project design, implementation and delivery. I have prepared project-scoping documents, and detailed project and work plans complete with an on-going performance measurement framework using Result Base Management (RBM) approach.
User Since Saturday, 23 December 2017
User Page Views 73
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