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Main User Information of Dr. Abdelkareem Yasin
Name Dr. Abdelkareem Yasin
Affiliation Amman Arab University, Amman, Jordan
Topics Training Needs Assessment
Training Goals and Objectives
Biography Start working as Field Operator in fertilizers industry sector, with positive attitude and a commitment to safety, promoted to senior safety supervisor. Human development Lecturer driven to improve morale, improving new hire training orientation programs to increase job skills, decrease work accidents costs and improve productivity. Background in Neuro Linguisting Programing, Time Management and Successful Skills. Project Manager effective in leading and directing 5S methodology (waste management) projects from preparing to implementing and auditing. 5S Team Leader more than 10 years of progressive management experience. Senior Safety Supervisor with background as 5S Projects Manager and Safety Trainer. PhD Safety training, MA Safety Management Systems.
User Since Wednesday, 3 January 2018
User Page Views 118
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