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Main User Information of Prof. Hussein Ashour Al-Khuzaie
Name Prof. Hussein Ashour Al-Khuzaie
Affiliation Al-Muthanna University, Samawa, Iraq
Topics Dynamic Behavior of Soils and Foundations
Soil and Rock Instrumentation Behavior and Modeling
Biography Born, 3rd of November 1962. B.Sc. Civil Engineering, 1982, University of Mosul, Iraq. M. Sc , Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, 1985, University of Mosul, Iraq PhD, Structures and Foundations, February 2004, Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Russian Federation Member of academic staff of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Iraq since 1987 till now. Professor of civil engineering, University of Al. Muthanna, since 2016 and continued.
User Since Friday, 9 February 2018
User Page Views 151
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