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22 days remaining to submit papers to MIC-MathEng 2020 in Dubai, UAE
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Summary Information of Prof. Khireddine Abdelkrim
Name Prof. Khireddine Abdelkrim
Affiliation University of Béjaïa, Annaba, Algeria
Biography CV A- General informations Nom : Khireddine Abdelkrim Department :Electronic department, University of Béjaia, Algéria Degrees : PHD on Communication and electronic (Docteur d’état), 2006 MSc in electronics, June 1994, university of setif, Algeria State Engineer in telecommunication, June 1981,Telecommunication institute, Oran, Algeria Bachelor in mathematics, university of Constantine, march 1978 Toffel in English language, university of East Anglia, Norwich, august 1978 Mailing address : Faculty of Technology, University of bejaia, Algeria Tel/fax: + 213 + 34 21 51 05, Email:, or A-Teaching statement(1985-2010): Master of telecommunication Antenna- microwaves- radar-satellite telecommunication- numerical transmissions, logic calculator B- Research works 04 national books published in OPU( universitary of publishing office) : - Cours d'analyse(1988), code.1-01.2948 - Cours d'algèbre linéaire(1990), code 1.01.3312 - Exercices résolus d'analyse(1989)., code.1.01.2949 - Cours de propagation d'ondes et antennes(1990) , code.2.06.3422 International Publications : 1. A.Khireddine, k.Benmahammed, « Apllication of intelligent matching to automatic speech recognition »-ish99, international symposium on high voltage),.IEE published conference, vol.II-5 pp 2.67.P6-2.70.P6, conference publication, ISBN 0 85296 719 5, ISSN 0537-9989. - 2. A.Khireddine, k.Benmahammed «Méthodologie de correction du système solaire » international review of renewable energy(Unesco), december 2001, vol.4, n°2, pp. 79-87, ISSN 112-2242, Algiers, Algeria - 3. A. Khireddine, K. Benmahammed « A class of infinite dimensional linear system using Hilbert space », AMSE( advanced in modelling
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