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Summary Information of Prof. Tatjana Sibalija
Name Prof. Tatjana Sibalija
Affiliation Belgrade Metropolitan University, Belgrade, Serbia
Topics Intelligent Systems
Decision Analysis and Methods
Biography Prof. Dr. Tatjana Šibalija (BSc, MSc, PhD in Mech. Eng., University of Belgrade) is Full Professor for Information Systems and Full Professor for Operations Management at Belgrade Metropolitan University, a member of University Board, and a former rector. She has over 15 years of experiences in multiobjective optimisation, process design, modelling and optimisation based on statistical methods and on artificial intelligence / machine learning methods, as well as in intelligent systems and intelligent manufacturing / digital factory field, both in industrial and academic sectors. She is the author of 5 monographs, 4 book chapters, and 100+ papers published in international journals / presented at international conferences. She has been coordinating and participating in several research projects and projects for industry. She is the vice-president of national team of European Technology Platform for Future Manufacturing Technologies – ManuFuture, and FP7 / Horizon 2020 expert in Factories of Future (FoF) domain.
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