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Main User Information of Prof. Dimiter Lakov
Name Prof. Dimiter Lakov
Affiliation National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece
Topics Expert Systems
Distributed Agents
Biography Professor since 1988 at the Institute of Technical Cybernetics and Robotics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia, Bulgaria with Robots and Manipulators - Robotized man-machine systems for control of production units. Fields of interests: 1. Man-machine control system, 2. Automation and process control of distributed control systems for Pulp & Paper Industry, Paper Machines etc. 3. Management of projects in the field of low cost automation, industrial control units and robotics, 4. Development of methods and tools for Industrial Robot Control Based on Microprocessor Families ISOMATIC, 5. Adaptive non-anthropomorphic robots from series RB 250, and unmanned plants based on FANUK series 3 and 5, 6. Interactive teaching systems for series of industrial tool controlling robots RB 230, 7. Fuzzy Based Expert Systems within EC projects, 8. Soft Computing Models based on: fuzzy logic, neural networks and evolutionary programming, 9. Intelligent Soft Computing Agents in optimal net searching and management.
User Since Tuesday, 24 April 2018
User Page Views 160
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