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Main User Information of Dr. Alfred Miller
Name Dr. Alfred Miller
Affiliation Higher college of Technology, Alfujairah, UAE
Topics Business Data Mining
Intelligence in e-Commerce Applications
Biography Dr. Alfred Miller—Bac/Grad Commissioner since 2015, after nomination and acceptance as a replacement. As commissioner, Alfred served on three committees, (Credentials, Standard 5 & Standard 6). Al has served as past Region 8 Chair, Site Evaluator and Mentor for schools throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Dr. Miller and hosted the Fall 2016 Region 8 Conference in Dubai. Al has participated in each ACBSP Region 8 Conference, since 2010, including Region 8 East in Mongolia. Alfred joined Higher Colleges of Technology in January 2009, and by early 2013, Alfred had become the system-wide Champion, for ACBSP Accreditation, at the UAE’s, Higher Colleges of Technology, a 17 campus, 24,000 student institution. Alfred has motivated accreditation success at his institution through both ACBSP QA Reports and 10-Year Reaffirmation, while contributing integral parts of CAA federal accreditation. Dr. Miller has cultivated, a durable study abroad partnership with Webster Athens. Al has won 2017 Best Paper of Region 8 Conference; the 2017 Chair Award for ACBSP Region 8; 2016 Region 8 Champion Award; 2015 Teaching Excellence Award (Region 8), 2014; Author Excellence Award, Delta Mu Delta, Lambda Eta Chapter; 2013, Best Paper of the (ACBSP) International Conference; 2012, Best Session Paper Award-Session II (IRISETS in Bangkok). Alfred has served as Editor of the Region 8 Journal, member of the Scholar-Practitioner Publication Committee, Region 8 Secretary, & most recently their acting Administrative Director. Dr. Miller’s educational qualifications include a PhD in Business Administration, Ecommerce, with CAGS specialization in E-Business from Northcentral University. Alfred is currently pursuing a second doctorate from Henley School of Business in the UK, a DBA in Taxation, as part of the Business Information Systems and Accounting program. Concurrent with his PhD, Al won three grants from Wharton and completed the Wharton Global Faculty Development Certificate, with a residency in Philadelphia (2011). Alfred’s MA’s are from Webster University, MA-Intl Business— (Webster Thailand) MBA, MA Media Communications and MA-Intl Relations. Dr. Miller has a BSAg from Mizzou 1985, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Tertiary Teaching and Learning, from RMIT. Dr. Miller is Managing Director of Charlie Drillco Ltd. (Thai) since 2004. Prior industry experience includes National Groundwater Water Association leadership recognition while VP-Operations and leveraged-buyout partner—St. Charles Drilling; lifetime member of the Teamsters (logistics); and assignment to liquid plants on Kwajalein Island, for the Ronald Reagan Missile Defense Project. Nine year’s military service during the Cold War included 4 years’ active duty, with a 2-year Inner East German Border mission in the Fulda Gap 1979-80. Al’s current student-centered appointment project is the Productization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship initiative.
User Since Friday, 22 June 2018
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