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Update on Sunday, 8 March 2020: Dr. Ali Bououden becomes Track Chairperson of CEM@MIC-Electromag 2020.
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Summary Information of Prof. Ahmed Radwan
Name Prof. Ahmed Radwan
Affiliation Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt
Topics Planning and Design of Buildings
Building Types
Biography Ahmed Radwan (b.1970) – Egypt, is currently working as an Associate Professor of Architecture & Urban Design, at the Architecture Department of faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, since 2008, He has been working as an Adjunct Associate Professor of Architecture & Urban Design at the AUC school of sciences and engineering. He was Graduated and achieved his MA & Ph.D. of Architecture from Faculty of Fine Arts Architecture department, Helwan University, his PHD thesis titled 'Participatory design towards the development of Egyptian village architecture'. During His PHD study, His research projects were mainly concerned with rural development in Egypt, community participation in housing design and planning. After Attending Four Regional Training sessions in Pakistan, two international training sessions in Mexico and UK, and a midterm training Session in the Asian institute of Technology AIT, Bangkok, Thailand he was graduated in April 2004 from the Imperial College of London, Wye, Kent, United Kingdom as a LEAD Fellow of the tenth Cohort, he is also a licensed NLP practitioner since 2015. Dr. Radwan is the founder and partner of Integrated Design & Consulting Center IDCC since1994, He is an International Associate Member of the American Institute of Architects AIA, Architecture Consultant - Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers, he has a Vast Professional Experience as an Architecture Consultant in Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and many other Countries in the MENA Region, working on different scales of Buildings & Projects, from Residential, Commercial, office buildings, Mixed use Building till urban Design & Planning, Besides Participation in many National, Regional & International Architectural & Urban Design Competitions. His area of research covers Architecture & Arts, urban design & Upgrading, Smart Cities, intelligent transportation systems, healthy cities, Cargotecture, mediatecture, smart facades, Sustainable design, Community participation. Recently His research work is focusing on Urban Public Spaces from different aspects and on different levels. He participated in many national, Regional and international conferences and workshops, published many research papers in National & International journals, in addition to supervising & Examining many Ph.D. & Master theses, in Egyptian Universities (Helwan University, Mansoura University & Ain Shams University) & German Universities (Cottbus & Stuttgart) in the fields of Architecture, Urban Design, Heritage Conservation, Smart Buildings, Responsive Architecture, Green Roofs and others, Dr. Radwan currently is a reviewer & Scientific Committee Member of some National & international conferences, Workshops & Journals, He is Also an Academic Evaluator of German Egyptian Research Short-term Scholarship Program GERSS- DAAD German Academic Exchange Service. In the Area of international Academic Collaborations, He is currently a member of the Internationalization committee at Faculty of Fine Arts Architecture Department, and a Member of the International Relations office of Helwan University, representing the Faculty of Fine Arts. Since 2010 he has been working on many Academic Collaborations Between Architecture Department of Faculty of Fine Arts Helwan University & Many European Universities, Hafen City University in Hamburg, Berlin & TU Munich Universities, since 2016 he is acting as project Coordinator of the Real City Lab project (2016-2019), which is an academic Collaboration between TU Berlin, Habitat Unit/UD Campus El Gouna and Architecture department of Faculty of fine Arts-Helwan University-Egypt, that aims at developing the curricula of bachelor’s degree to fit better with market needs providing the Architecture & Urban Design students with wider knowledge from the Vast German experiences besides various practices in Egypt and Germany about Core selected urban topics, environment, energy and technical urban infrastructure, vernacular Appropriate Architecture, in addition to Management and Governance. A practical Orientation in Architectural Education (Praxispartnerschaften/ Business Partnership-BMZ fund).
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