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Summary Information of Dr. Lama Zagha
Name Dr. Lama Zagha
Affiliation United Nations Office for Project Services, Amman, Jordan
Topics Legal Aspects of Housing, Land and Planning
Urban design as Social Innovation
Biography Dr Lama Zagha is an experienced advisor with 27+ years of experience in the field of urban planning and design, architectural design, project management and department management in addition to developing strategies, procedures, guidelines and protocols. Experience in leading, coordinating and managing multi-disciplinary team. In depth knowledge in teaching architectural subjects and supervising graduation projects. Published articles in professional journals addressing urban issues such as built form, land use, building regulations and high rise buildings. She is currently Senior Infrastructure Advisor – Retainer – at UNOPS. She held the following positions during her tenure with Arabtech Jardaneh: Organization Development Manager, Sr. Principal - Technical Development Office, Principal Architect - Planning and Urban Design and Project Manager. She also worked in different offices in the United States and Jordan. She taught in public and private universities in Jordan. Dr Zagha holds a PhD degree in Architecture from Oxford Brookes University (2003), a Master of Science Degree in Building Design from Arizona State University (1995) and a Bachelor Degree in Architectural Engineering from Jordan University (1990). She is a Certified Associate Teacher in Higher Education. At Oxford Brookes University, Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development, Oxford, England. She serves as Board Member at the Jordanian Planning Forum (March 2014- Present) Member in the Jordanian Engineers Associations - Architectural Division since 1990 Jury Member for Public and Private Universities And Served as Member in the Central Body of Jordan Engineers Association, from March 2015 till March 2018, by election
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