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Main User Information of Prof. Ashraf Kamal
Name Prof. Ashraf Kamal
Affiliation Housing and Building National Research Center, Sheikh Zayed, Egypt
Topics Legal Aspects of Housing, Land and Planning
Spatial Planning and Governance at the Regional Level
Biography Having 29 years of experience in various fields related to: 1) practical Architectural design and implementation in many scales and types of architectural and complex projects, 2) Academic research in Housing, Physical & Strategic Planning, Participatory Urban Development, Community Design and Real Estate & Property business management, 3) Capacity Building and Training, as well as college and university teaching for both under and post graduate levels in many respected universities, 4) wide range of published working papers and researches, 5) Participated as an expert in urban economics, architecture & planning with many international projects for distinguished entities such as UNESCO, UN-Habitat, …etc, as well as many architectural and planning bureaus.
User Since Wednesday, 26 September 2018
User Page Views 45
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