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Conferences Update on Friday, 22 September 2017: The 1st International Conference on Medicine, Surgery and Public Health (MIC-Medicine 2018) will be held at Days Inn-Amman Hotel, in Amman, Jordan in the period 10-12 August 2018, as part of the Global Congress on Medical and Health Sciences (GC-Medical 2018).
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Main User Information of Dr. Sharon Condon
Name Dr. Sharon Condon
Affiliation Peking University HSBC Business School, Shenzhen, China
Topics Healthcare Management Systems
Mobile Healthcare
Biography My undergraduate degree was Leisure Management - PhD Work/Life Balance and wellbeing - I have worked at the Rural Clincal School in Burnie, Tasmania on eHealth projects as a researcher and oversaw the academic program training doctors there. This seems to be the closest fit given your categories. I also presented at a conference in Luxembourg on eHealth. Currently I teach Academic English and cross cultural communication skills at Peking University in Shenzhen, China. I am also Co-Chair for the Green Centre here - where we promote sustainable management training of future managers. Any or all of these subjects would be of interest to me. I am also a qualitative researcher - not quantitative.
User Since Sunday, 30 September 2018
User Page Views 42
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