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Main User Information of Prof. Islam El-Ghonaimy
Name Prof. Islam El-Ghonaimy
Affiliation University of Bahrain, Isa Town, Bahrain
Topics City Design
Urban design as Social Innovation
Biography A senior ranking Landscape Architect Consultant since 2006. The author is a long-timer professional leading a 30-year experience vetting the manifold disciplines of architecture, urban design and landscape architecture. I did the honors of setting forth the consultation services in City Urban Planner. Professionally, I am a motivated eager beaver, for my encompassing disciplinary interest in Environmental Studies, Urban Planning, Management and Architectural studies equivalently. In 2014, I had been assigned to hold down a professor rank. Publications, I am renowned for his dozen books and handouts, 22 white papers and Articles in Refereed Professional Journals. Besides, I have issued 56 Papers submitted to Scientific and Professional Conferences and symposiums on equal grounds. Moreover, he burnt midnight oil fruited in his publications. And 11 articles for un-Scientific Magazine and 5 unpublished technical Reports. I have a hand in 25 other Activities as that of Short-timed Courses, Editorial Board, and Organisation Committee. I am referee in many conferences and academic symposiums as well as a scientific committee member. Since 2012, I Had been affiliated with University of Bahrain, College of Engineering, Department of Architecture and Interior Design
User Since Friday, 12 October 2018
User Page Views 9
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