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Update on Sunday, 11 August 2019: Dr. Yazid Khattabi becomes Track Chairperson of VCS@MIC-Vehicular 2020.
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Summary Information of Dr. Bijay Kumar Kandel
Name Dr. Bijay Kumar Kandel
Affiliation University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji
Topics Human Factors in Business Information Systems
Strategic Business Information Systems
Biography Dr. Bijay Kumar Kandel is a visiting professor of Graduate School of Business at the University of South Pacific, Fiji,and Oriental University, India. He has earned Ph.D. in Management from Sri-Sri University. Dr. Kandel is also a Fellow member of British Computing Society. He has over 14 years of teaching and research experience. Dr. Kandel's teaching interests cover a range of topics including; Business Computing, Management Information System, Introduction to Blockchain & Cryptography and Business Entrepreneurship. Dr. Kandel's research interests are Technology Management, Use of Information Technology (IT) in Small Family Business, Innovation and Business Research Methodologies. Dr. Kandel is particularly interested in the discovery of the impact of new technologies on rural business owners to determine if they are included or excluded from new technology trends. He has published widely on a broad range of subjects. His current research focuses on global information systems, systems development, the impact of information technologies, and technology issues in Small Family Businesses.
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