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Update on Friday, 31 January 2020: Dr. Yazan Dweiri becomes Track Chairperson of BMI@ElectriTek 2020.
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Summary Information of Prof. Rustom Mamlook
Name Prof. Rustom Mamlook
Affiliation Arabian Gulf University, Manama, Bahrain
Topics Network Infrastructure Management
Management of Clouds
Biography Rustom M. Mamlook (IEEE Member) is a Full Professor – Innovation and Technology Management Department at Arabian Gulf University, Kingdom of Bahrain. He was a Full Professor at the Department of Computer Engineering at College of Computer Engineering and Sciences, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Mamlook has obtained his B.S. degree from the University of Illinois, Chicago, Ill, USA, in 1983, M.S. degree in computer systems (hardware/software) from California State University, Long Beach, Calif, USA, in 1986, and Ph.D. degree in computer systems from New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM, USA, in 1992. His current research is in Clean Technology (Solar, Wind) using Fuzzy Logic, and Advanced Intelligent Systems: Security System using Web Remote Controller, Wireless communication and Wireless networking. Dr. Mamlook has more than 20 years of experience in teaching and conducting research in the computer engineering and information technology fields. Dr. Mamlook has published over 50 papers in topics related to computer engineering and information technology fields. He is an Editor and reviewer for several International Journals.
User Since Thursday, 22 November 2018
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Published Papers of Prof. Rustom Mamlook
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Network Operations and Management (NOM)MIC- 196931-30 December 1969 in ,
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