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Summary Information of Dr. Mona Mohamed Ali
Name Dr. Mona Mohamed Ali
Affiliation University of Manchester,
Topics Sampling and Pre-Processing for Big Data
Foundational Models for Big Data
Biography An accomplished and resourceful computer science and information systems professional with over 13 years of experience within undergraduate and postgraduate program teaching and academic administration as well as adult training and professional development. A broad based theoretical, practical, teaching and learning experience with specialisations in the following: • Performing high quality data and text research, and analysis using data and text mining, and machine learning techniques • Lecturing computer science and information systems disciplines through the implementation of various learning methodologies • Conducting literature reviews, surveys, laboratory experiments and other research aspects to produce academic publications • Preparing journal and conference articles, papers and reports • Leading research functions within the faculty and school • Providing supervision/tutoring for postgraduate students and leading undergraduate graduation projects. • Conducting various types of student examination and assessment within the academic institution • Contribute in exam boards and curriculum preparation committees within the academic institution • Developing and preserving system-wide and directorate-specific policies • Participating in academic and extra-curricular events within the academic institution and community, especially these which promote women achievements in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Research Interests: Business Information Systems; Improving Information Quality in Databases; Data Quality techniques and Methodologies; Data Mining; Text Mining; Machine Learning; Big Data; Knowledge Engineering and content management; E-business patterns; Business Process Modelling; Distributed Collaboration; Software Engineering. my publications list can be found on DBLP following this link:
User Since Thursday, 22 November 2018
User Page Views 376
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