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Update on Monday, 20 January 2020: New GMC-EdcSci 2020 Special Session: ESRGTGG 2020. Submit Papers Here.
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Summary Information of Prof. Sivakumar Soubraylu
Name Prof. Sivakumar Soubraylu
Affiliation Anna University,
Topics Handheld and Wearable Computing
Ambient Assisted Living
Biography Area of interest : Internet of Things and Deep Learning Book Chapters : 1 (springer) Conference Presented : 12(IEEE) and 1 (Springer) Works Attended : 10 Guest Speaker : Computer Architecture and Cryptography and Network Security Programs Attended : 10 Workshop Attended : 10
User Since Wednesday, 28 November 2018
User Page Views 333
User Contribution Index (UCI) 0.12
Published Papers of Prof. Sivakumar Soubraylu
Conference Chairings of Prof. Sivakumar Soubraylu
Conference Committees of Prof. Sivakumar Soubraylu
Paper Reviews by Prof. Sivakumar Soubraylu
Mosharaka appreciates highly that Prof. Sivakumar Soubraylu has provided paper reviews at the tracks and conferences shown in the following table

Track Conference
MIC- 1969
IntelligentMIC-ElectricApps 2020
Conference Talks by Prof. Sivakumar Soubraylu