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Summary Information of Dr. Heba Alawamleh
Name Dr. Heba Alawamleh
Affiliation Al-Balqa Applied University , Salt, Jordan
Topics Nanoscale Physiology and Pathology
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience
Biography Name Heba Sa'ad Karim Alawamleh Place of Birth Amman Date of Birth 3/6/1980 Nationality Jordanian Material state Married OBJECTIVES • As National loyalty to support hard work and fruitful future • To achieve team work spirit and to follow up the up to date in biology and biotechnology • Since I enjoy teaching as a responsible work dealing with young people and being a model teacher, competence and socialize with students respectfully • Lab work is the basis of fact finding to cope with the news and modern development • Seeking new challenges in a progressive organization, which will effectively utilize my analytical skills and commitment to perform quality work. EDUCATION (2017 ) A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree in Biological Science , Nanotechnology, The University of Jordan , Amman, Jordan Thesis: The Effect of phytosome of Phytochemicals Extracts in Combination with Probiotics and Prebiotics on the Treatment of Induced Colon cancer in Rats ( 2006 ) Master of science in biotechnology ,Al-Balqa' Applied University , Al-Salt, Jordan Thesis: Molecular characterization of Pomegranate ( Punica granatum L.) Landraces Grown in Jordan Using Amplified Fragment length Polymorphisn (AFLP) Markers. H., Al-Awamleh, H.; Hassawi, D.; Migdadi, H.; Brake, M.(2009)"Molecular characterization of pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) landraces grown in Jordan using Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism markers". Biotechnology Vol.8 No.3 pp.316-322 ref.24 ( 2002) Bachelor of science in Biology , The University of Jordan , Amman , Jordan Professional Experiences 1- Throughout my thesis lab working and study I have dealt with PhD study and thesis work: Plant extracts and phytochemicals identification and characterization of by using HPLC, biochemical tests. Phytosome of plant photochemical preparation. Handling of albino rats, colon cancer induction using Azoxymethan by tail veins injection, scavenging (oral medicine injection), Culturing and characterization of probiotics, Histopathology test. Master study and thesis work: Molecular biology techniques including: PCR, Isolation of RNA , DNA and Plasmids, transformation and cloning, DNA markers , tissue culture work. 2- Ministry of Education, Biology teacher for secondary school stage. 1th March 2011 tell now • Participated in the course of new teachers 40 hours. • participated in the training workshop held by the Queen Rania Academy for Teacher Training entitled "Teach with Confidence" 3- Al - Sahoori Institution for laboratory and scientific equipment Sales manager 1/1/2011- 28/2/2011 • Travel to Aleppo and train a group of researchers in a research center on the use of Real Time polymerase chain reaction for five days. 7- 12 February 2011 4- National Center for Agricultural Research and Technology Transfer(Bee Research Unit) 1, September 2008- 1, January 2011 • Integrated honey bee management course. 17 hours ( 2-5) march /2010 • The use of biotechnology techniques for the identification of honey bee viruses 40 hours (5-8)/ January 2010 • Participation in the organization of the conference and the first training session entitled of "The use of biotechnology techniques for the identification of honey bee viruses" ( 10-14) October 2010 • Training on the Real Time polymerase chain reaction for 5 days in a research Center in Lebanon, 2010 5- National Center for Agricultural Research and Technology Transfer ( Biotechnology lab) 1/1/2006 until 31/12/2006 • Biotechnology techniques like Electrophoresis (Vertical and Horizontal ), PCR Microbiological techniques ,Cell Culture Techniques (plants and animals) 6- Training at National Center for Diabetes Endocrine and genetics ( genetic lab) for one month 7- Time management course 6 hours 8 May 2010 8- Participate as a Main speaker (oral presentation ) in biotechnology in the Arab World Forum conference 3-5 March 2008 SKILLS and ACTIVITY Ability to: 1. Teach and train. 2. Retrieve, acquire and manipulate data. 3. Think flexibility 4. Perform field research , identify and analyze problems 5. Computer skills. LANGUAGE • Arabic mother tongue language • English very good command writing speaking and reading
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