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Main User Information of Dr. Vignes Gopal
Name Dr. Vignes Gopal
Affiliation HELP University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Topics Determinants of Economic Growth
Behavioral Economics
Biography Dr.Vignes A/L Gopal Krishna received his PhD in Economics from University of Malaya and was pursuing his PhD with a joint scholarship of Bright Sparks and SLAI. In his duration as a PhD candidate, he has taken up roles of a volunteer, session chair/moderator, presenter, participant, trainer, and facilitator for some international conferences, workshops on statistical & research tools and website creation. He was a part time lecturer on various subjects such as Information System, E-commerce, Economic History, Econometrics, etc at diploma and degree levels at a private college in Malaysia. He has conducted various workshops on statistical packages like R, SPSS, E-views, and Stata at University of Malaya and having the experience of dealing with other relevant quantitative and qualitative tools. He has presented 18 conference papers, and published various papers in conference proceedings and journals, including in some ISI journals. As an invited speaker for the 2nd ISWA Summer School, he gave a lecture on the Multidimensional momentum of solid waste management between the heterogeneous models of economic agents. He was also a reviewer for selected ISI and non-ISI indexed journals. He is currently taking up the voluntary roles of ad-hoc statistical trainer and consultant (project basis) while writing up ISI-indexed articles with some local and international lecturers on different issues of interest. Among his research interests are multidimensional measurements of impact factors, social networking sites, blended learning, technological innovation, development economics, pharmaconomics, econophysics, fertility and so on. Dr Vignes is currently taking up the role of reviewer for some scientific journals and international conferences. He is currently taking up the role of lecturer at Department of Business Studies, Faculty of Business, Economics and Accounting at HELP University.
User Since Tuesday, 8 January 2019
User Page Views 156
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