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Update on Saturday, 2 March 2019: Dr. Wisam Abu Jadayil becomes LOC Chairperson of GC-Engineering 2020.
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Main User Information of Dr. Husam Bayoud
Name Dr. Husam Bayoud
Affiliation Fahad Bin Sultan University, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
Topics Censored Data Applications
Distribution Theory
Biography Dr. Husam Bayoud obtained his Ph.D degree in Mathematics specialized in Statistics from the University of Jordan in 2007. His primary research areas of interest include bioequivalence and bioavailability studies, Bayesian analysis, Sequential tests, Information Theory and Entropy measures, Life tests with censored data, Generalization of Probability Distributions, and Goodness of fit tests. Dr. Bayoud joined the arts and sciences unit at Fahad Bin Sultan University (FBSU) as an assistant professor of Mathematics in September 2010. In May 2016, Dr. Bayoud got the academic promotion to the rank of associate professor at the college of sciences and humanities at FBSU based on the recommendations of King Abdullah Institute for Research and Consulting Studies at King Saud University. Prior to coming to FBSU, Dr. Bayoud worked as an assistant professor of Mathematics at Petra University for three years. Before that, he worked as a part time instructor of mathematics at the University of Jordan for five years. Besides his teaching duties, Dr. Bayoud held the following administrative positions at FBSU: (1) Director of the arts and sciences, (2) Assistant dean of the College of Sciences and Humanities, and (3) Director of the Foundation Year Program at FBSU since 2015. Furthermore, Dr. Bayoud has been appointed many times to a membership/chair of QA steering committees for the sake of getting programs and institutional accreditation for FBSU from the national commission for the academic accreditation and assessment (NCAAA). Hence, he has acquired a capability of drafting the institution's self-study reports, revising curricula, forming committees, developing surveys, providing evidence materials, making internal and external benchmarking …etc. In addition, he had participated in the preparation the University Strategic Plan for five years.
User Since Thursday, 24 January 2019
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