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Announcement on Saturday, 8 February 2020 by Dr. Mohammad M. Banat: Digital and Future Finance: Call for Tutorials
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Summary Information of Prof. Rabah Ali Khalil
Name Prof. Rabah Ali Khalil
Affiliation University of Mosul, Mosul, Iraq
Topics Thermodynamics
Materials Processing
Biography Rabah Ali Khalil is a full Professor of Physical Chemistry in University of Mosul, College of Science, Chemistry Department. He completed his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at University of Mosul in 1994, his M. Phil. Degree in Inorganic Chemistry at University of Sheffield in 1990 and his B.Sc. in General Chemistry at University of Mosul as a1st among 128 students. He has published more than 27 papers in reputed journals, serving as an editorial board member of reputed journal, keynote speaker, TPC and OC member at many international conferences. His most cited articles are Kinetic and prediction studies of ascorbic acid degradation in normal and concentrate local lemon juice during storage, Food Chemistry (2007) 101:254-259, Application of a Schiff base derived from sulfanilamide as an acid-base indicator, Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society (2009) 6:345-352, and Theoretical estimation of the critical packing parameter of amphiphilic self-assembled aggregates, Applied Surface Science (2014) 318:85-89. He introduced a new physical insight for the formation of worm-like micelles called Critical Intermolecular Forces (CIF) theory, Journal of the Chemical Society of Pakistan (2014) 36:211-220.
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Published Papers of Prof. Rabah Ali Khalil
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Chemistry in Sciences, Engineering and Technology (CSET)MIC-Chemistry 202017-19 July 2020 in Amman, Jordan
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