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Summary Information of Prof. Hady Hadiyanto
Name Prof. Hady Hadiyanto
Affiliation Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang, Indonesia
Topics Bio-Chemical Engineering
Green Design and Sustainability
Biography Prof. Dr. Hadiyanto, MSc received his BSc of Chemical Engineering from Diponegoro University in 1998 and MSc of Bioprocess Engineering from Wageningen University, The Netherlands in 2003. While the degree of Ph.D. has been obtained in 2007 from Wageningen University, Netherlands. After finishing his Ph.D., he had an opportunity to work as a scientist at NIZO Food Research BV Netherlands (2007-2009), and Research Associate at Process Intensification Group at TU DELFT Netherlands (2009-2010). Besides these works, he has also been invited as visiting research fellow at KU Leuven Belgium (2011), Kyoto University (2012) and DTU Denmark (2014). He is also actively involved in Sustainable Energy and Environmental (SEE) Forum, UNDIP green metric task force and coordinating world-class university program since 2016. In 2016, he was appointed as the head of a master program in environmental science, school of postgraduate studies and appointed as full professor on May 2017 in the field of bioprocess engineering.
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