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Main User Information of Prof. Tomader Mazri
Name Prof. Tomader Mazri
Affiliation Université Ibn Tofaïl, Kenitra, Morocco
Topics Microstrip Antennas
Biography Prof. Tomader Mazri, HDR degree in Networks and Telecommunication from IbnTofail University (2017), Ph.D. degree in Microelectronics and Telecommunication from Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University and The National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications of Rabat (2012), Master’s degree in Microelectronics and Telecommunication Systems , Bachelor’s degree in telecommunication from Cadi Ayyad university. She is currently a professor at National School of Applied Sciences of Kenitra and a Permanent member of Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering Laboratory. Author and co-author of twenty articles journals, forty articles in international conferences, a chapter and three books. Her major research interests are on Microwave systems for mobile and radar, Smart antennas and NGN Mobile network.
User Since Friday, 17 May 2019
User Page Views 68
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