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Update on Saturday, 18 January 2020: Group trip to Dead Sea and Petra has been added to the EngiTek 2020 prorgram.
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Summary Information of Dr. Koustubh Kabe
Name Dr. Koustubh Kabe
Affiliation Mumbai University, Mumbai, India
Topics Quantum Theory
Physics of Time
Biography Koustubh Kabe is s theoretical physicist, theoretical astrophysicist and physical cosmologist. His main field of interest is fundamental understanding of time, gravity and blackholes. He carries out unbiased research in gravity irrespective of whether it's string theory or loop quantum gravity. He is especially interested in the physics of time and relationships between holographic principle, gravity and quantum entanglement. He has contributed over a dozen research papers in these fields in internationally reputed journals. He is also interested in acoustic blackholes. He is currently serving on the editorial board of the Journal of Modern and Applied Physics, Pulsus Journals.
User Since Sunday, 23 June 2019
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