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Main User Information of Dr. Faris Al-Oqla
Name Dr. Faris Al-Oqla
Affiliation Hashemite University, Zarqa, Jordan
Topics Additive Manufacturing Processes
Design for Manufacturability
Biography Dr. Faris M. AL-Oqla, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the Mechanical Engineering Department at The Hashemite University (HU), Jordan. He has been involved in dozens of research projects funded by various institutions and his research has been recognized worldwide especially in the area of Bio-based composites Bio-products and sustainable materials. Dr. AL-Oqla contribution to his research field is evidenced by his publications. To date he has authored more than 60 publications on mechanical engineering, mainly in composite materials, materials selection, green and Nano-composites, sustainable materials, natural fiber composites, Bio-composites in addition to the decision making selection methods. To date he has authored more than 60 publications; 15 chapters in books, one authored book, and several international refereed conferences on mechanical engineering, specializing mainly in composite materials, green and Nano-composites, and sustainable Bio-composite materials, Recently, in 2017, he has published his distinguished book entitled as “Materials Selection for Natural Fiber Composites” with Woodhead –Elsevier publisher, as the first reference book for green and biomaterials selection and a guide for enhancing future sustainable and green products utilizing modern and novel selection methodologies that emphasizing upon proper evaluating and utilizing of the available natural resources for modern green composites.
User Since Wednesday, 10 July 2019
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