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Summary Information of Dr. Khalel Al Mashagbeh
Name Dr. Khalel Al Mashagbeh
Affiliation Public Administration Institute, Amman, Jordan
Topics Business Planning
Business Development and Sustainability
Biography Amman, Jordan Email: Cell: +962 795329066 Position: Business Trainer & consultant Dear Sir/Madam I am pleased to be one of your distinguished team works, My qualifications very closely meet your needs outlined requirements related to my experiences regarding : Business Trainer & consultant, as I worked in the same position for more than ten years and in consulting and training in the same area of interest. As I have read about your requirements, I am familiar with your services, and I would be very interested in working for an organization that provide quality knowledge services, and also has an excellent reputation as an employer. I have worked as researcher & consultant & Trainer & Operation services manager & HR Manager & Logistics & Procurement, Training Manager for more than five years, which acquire me practical experience in performance management in different environments, and I have got membership as certified assessor in King Abdullah II & EFQM. I am PhD degree holder in Business Administration, my major is (Corporate Governance & its impact on achieving Organizational Excellence: Afield study in Jordanian Universities), which enable me to understand new research and study concepts and techniques which depend on interactivity with any teamwork with respect to their learning style. I hold the Bachelor Degree in Economics of Agriculture, Master’s Degree in Business Management & High Diploma in Management Information System (MIS). Therefore, I feel that I would be able to make a significant contribution to this position .
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