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Summary Information of Prof. Adda Ali Pacha
Name Prof. Adda Ali Pacha
Affiliation Université d’Oran, Oran, Algeria
Topics Software Security
Database Security
Biography Adda ALI-Pacha was born in Algeria. He received the engineering degree in telecommunications from the Institute of Telecommunication of Oran - Algeria (ITO) in 1986; also, he got university degrees in mathematics in 1986 and a magister in signal processing in November 1993. Later he obtained a Ph.D. in safety data in 2004. He worked in the telecommunications administration (PTT Oran) in the position of the head of telephone traffic for two years (1986 -1988), since 1989, he is at the University of Sciences and Technology of Oran (U.S.T.O) Algeria, as a Professor (teacher/researcher) in the Electronics Institute. The Telecommunication domains are his favorite interest fields’ research, his research interests are coding, cryptography and security, FPGA.
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