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Summary Information of Dr. Mazaher Haji Bashi
Name Dr. Mazaher Haji Bashi
Affiliation Iran Grid Management Company, Tehran, Iran
Topics Optimization of Power Systems
Power System Economics and Markets
Biography I am Mazaher Haji Bashi, and experienced in policy & electricity market design. I have spent the previous five years to make a contribution in Iran electricity market design as an expert in Iran Grid Management Company (IGMC), while following up my Ph. D in the Isfahan University of Technology. I experienced a guest research position at Aalborg University, Denmark in 2015. Graduating in January 2019, I received a Ph. D degree in electrical engineering from the Isfahan University of Technology. I am the chairman of the electricity market and regulation session in EEEIC Conference (IEEE, Italy Section). Currently, I am working with the market monitoring bureau, Deputy of the electricity market, IGMC.
User Since Monday, 12 August 2019
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