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Update on Friday, 15 November 2019: Dr. Francisco J. Escribano becomes Chairperson of MIC-5G&Beyond 2020.
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Summary Information of Prof. Ala Al Bakri
Name Prof. Ala Al Bakri
Affiliation Group of Consulting and Training International Centers, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Topics Air Transportation
Connected Transportation
Biography Civil and environmental engineering professor with a progressively responsible experience in engineering, higher education leadership and management, quality assurance, research and academic management in the US and in MENA countries (Middle East and North Africa), which encompasses more than 30 years of professional academic and research experience, which included 15 years of leadership and management in higher education positions, and 15 years of graduate and undergraduate teaching, training, professional engineering work and research in several universities and colleges. Additionally, this has included the positions of advisor/Consultant, acting president, vice president, provost, chief academic officer, vice provost, academic dean, associate dean, assistant dean, department chairman, professor, faculty member, teacher and lecturer at several academic institutions. I have 586 Citation on Google Scholar (216 since 2014) with h-index of 3 and i10-index of 2. A well established full Professor, with a successful record of leadership accomplishments at an executive level, proven strengths in administration in higher education, demonstrated, and proven records to develop and drive new projects and structures from an early stage in a dynamic and culturally diverse environment to completion. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated solid leadership qualities and acquired significant management and organizational skills. Moreover, I have extensive networking with institutions and individuals at the international level. In addition, I was responsible for establishing several universities and colleges throughout the Middle East in general and in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, in particular, obtaining more than $5 Billion in endowment, research funds and managed endowment projects. Furthermore, my educational background and experience gives me a deep commitment to issues of higher education management including, but not limited to, strategic planning and management, quality assurance, accreditation, research policy development and assessment, funding and developments, endowments, faculty and staff recruitment and appointment, monitoring of plans and budgets, and partnership and cooperation agreements. During my graduate work, I completed a series of classes on teaching methods and a practicum that I greatly benefited from and later applied to my teaching career. This includes Boyer’s four areas of scholarship: teaching and learning, discovery, creation, and integration. Finally, I believe that progressive success comes from a lifetime commitment to research, learning, and instruction, that it takes effort and persistence to create great products, quality services and institutions that excel.
User Since Tuesday, 20 August 2019
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