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Update on Friday, 15 May 2020: Dr. Joan Bas becomes Track Chairperson of Satellite@MIC-Telecom 2020.
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Summary Information of Dr. Walid Sharmoukh
Name Dr. Walid Sharmoukh
Affiliation National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt
Topics Chemical Engineering
Chemical Reaction Engineering
Biography I got my Ph.D from Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea (2011) under supervisor Prof. Seung uk Son, chemistry department. My dissertation work was entitled "Novel electrochromic systems based on isophthalates and anthraquinones for display applications”. During my PhD, my research focused on the synthesis of organic compounds, metal complexes (Ru, Fe, Ni, Co) and polymer to develop new materials for electrochromic displays. I also have designed and synthesized several Ru-complexes that contain more than 6 carboxylic groups for Dye sensitized solar cells. In 2015, I was a postdoc fellow at KTH University with Prof. Licheng Sun and Lars Kloo. Also I was a postdoc fellow at Lorraine University with Prof. Philippe Gros, 2013, France! I do have interest in organic synthesis and complexes of Dye sensitized solar cells. Also, I have interest in perovskite solar cells. Recently, I have synthesized simple polymers to be used as hole transporting materials (HTM). I am very interested in the work being done in your research divsison, and I am wondering if it will be possible to join your City to further refine my research capabilities. Also I have gotten a joint project between Egypt and France (STDF &IRD) on Dye sensitized solar cell (2014 -2018). In my past and current position, I have gained experience in research; writing reports, design high quality power point presentation, teaching, administrating and much more.
User Since Tuesday, 27 August 2019
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Chemistry in Sciences, Engineering and Technology (CSET)MIC- 31-30 December 1969 in ,
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