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Summary Information of Prof. Medani Bhandari
Name Prof. Medani Bhandari
Affiliation Akamai University, Washington, DC, USA
Topics Policies for Sustainability and Local Development
Green Eocnomy
Biography Professor Medani Bhandari is serving as a professor and deputy program director- sustainability study at Akamai University, Hawaii, since 2014. He is also serving as a professor of finance and entrepreneurship at the Sumy State University Ukraine since 2017. Prior to that Prof. Bhandari was served as professor of Natural resources at the Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain. Bhandari holds Ph.D in Sociology from Syracuse University, New York, MA Brandies University, Boston, Msc. University of Thente-the Netherlands and MA TU, Nepal. Bhandari has travelled more than 100 countries as environmental expert- Worked in Japan, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Thailand, Kenya, United Kingdom (still working remotely-Human Survival foundation as executive director), serving as International Program Director- Atlantic State Legal Foundation- New Work (remotely). And as treasurer at Equality Foundation, Virginia. He has published four books on science and four volumes of poetry with Prajita Bhandari. He has published about 100 scientific papers in the international journals. He established first Environment Conservation NGO APEC-Nepal in Eastern Nepal- Biratnagar, conducted 100s of projects and campaigns (1985-2002- as chair of APEC). His motive of life is to give back to the society in fullest which is depicted in his recent interviews from Hungary under tiled “Vashudaivakutumbakkam” and “live and let other live”. Bhandari’s recent books include "Green Web-II - Standards and Perspectives from the IUCN: Program and Policy Development in Environment Conservation Domain’ and ‘Inequality- a divisive factor of the society- how United Nation is trying to overcome this through its SDGs’ published by Rivers Publishing house, the Northlands.
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Green and Sustainable Economics (GSE)MIC- 196931-30 December 1969 in ,
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