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Summary Information of Dr. Shahinaz Osman
Name Dr. Shahinaz Osman
Affiliation Shagra University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Topics eLearning Platforms
Virtual Learning Environments
Biography Assistant professor of educational technology (2010) -Chairperson Department of Educational Sciences Faculty of Education Afif (University of Shagra) 2013-2014. -Vice Dean for Academic Affairs , Afif College of Education (Shagra University), 2015-2016. -Supervisor of student clubs and activities, Faculty of Education Afif (University of Shagra), 2016-2017. -Head of Information Resources Unit, Afif College of Education (Shagra University), 2017-2018. -Member of the quality and accreditation unit , Afif College of Education ,(2016-2019) -Member of the research and innovation unit, Afif College of Education (2017-2019) -Member of the community service unit, Afif College of Education (2017-2019) - Member of the training and skills development unit, Afif College of Education (2017-2019) My publication: -The training needs of the academic staff members in the lightened of E-learning at the Conference of Digital Information Technology-Modren Trends in The Digital Information - Amman-Jordan-2014 - The impact of Google classroom application on the teaching efficiency of pre-teachers International Journal of Social Sciences and Education IJSSE-Volume 7 Issue 2 April 2017 -The effectiveness of using e- games on academic achievement and learning outcomes according to solo assessment Asian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (AJSSH).-Vol. 6 Number 3, August 2017 -The Effectiveness of an e-course in educational technology on students’ achievement and attitude toward the course- International Interdisciplinary Journal of Education-Volume .8, August 2016 -A conceptualize proposal for the courses of educational technology and curricula and teaching methods in colleges of education according to the principles of integrative-International Interdisciplinary Journal of Education-Volume.2, March 2017 -The role of social networks on developing cultural intelligence and fighting extremism-Journal of Arabic studies of education and psychology -Vol. 108 April 2019 -Using Computers in Education-book-Mutanabe press, Dammam, 2018 Membership in professional bodies: ● Member of the International Training Board Since August 2014. ● Certified international leader ● Member of the Association of Arab educators ● Member of the international society for technology in education (ISTE) ● Member of Saudi Educational & Psychological Association(gesten) Committees : -Curriculum Development Committee - Examinations Committee -Committee to prepare the Administrative procedures guide book -Committee to prepare tests guide book -Implementation Committee of graduation ceremony -The Information Committee of Alumni Association Skills : ● Microsoft Word ● Microsoft Excel ● Microsoft Access ● Microsoft PowerPoint ● Microsoft Outlook ● Adobe illustrator. ● Film editing. ● Graphic design. ● Endnote. ● SPSS statistical program. ● All the educational tools. Language: ● Arabic – First Language ● English written and spoken fluently Awards : The award of excellence of academic and management work 2015
User Since Sunday, 20 October 2019
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MIC- 1969
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